100% Austria from cultivation to distribution: This is what our brand „Bio-leben“ stands for. Short distances protect our climate. Close cooperation with Austrian organic farmers guarantees the best quality for our products. Our location in Sankt Pölten is, as one of a few factories in Austria, certified gluten-free.



We have an extraordinary connection to the Samarkand region in Uzbekistan.

We find high-quality nuts, fruits, and many other products of our brand Pearls of Samarkand in the untouched nature of this region. This makes us the largest organic and fairtrade food exporter in Uzbekistan. But also in other parts of the world we look for the highest quality food. We always maintain close cooperation with the smallholder families and sustainably secure their livelihood.


Our brand Vitarona is perfect for athletes and all those who need some extra power to achieve their goals. Vitarona products make it easier to cover your daily vitamin and mineral requirements. Our muesli mixes and powders are rich in plant-based proteins. Not only do they spice up your breakfast, but they are also perfect as a smoothie or shake between meals. Start your day with Vitarona and master your athletic and everyday challenges with lots of energy.